Future of ArtPrize Assignment

ArtPrize Venue
ArtPrize Venue

It’s hard to think about the future advances at ArtPrize when there is already so much new technology presented at this year’s ArtPrize (for example the newly renovated app specialized just for the event and the free Wi-Fi available for the public around ArtPrize’s venues). However, if I had to fabricate on what was to come for the future of ArtPrize I would say my first prediction would be artwork that is to come (more specifically, artwork through technology). This year’s event, most of the artwork I saw was hand-made and for the future I see artwork solely being done through technology, but of course there will be a couple of artist that will rebel against the idea of creating art through technology. This advancement in artwork being solely created through technology is coming closer than I imagined. Apparently in Broadgate, London, during the month of May, an art exhibit presented works of contemporary painters, photographers, and street artist, who’s work was completely made by using a Microsoft Surface 3 tablet (Margot Peppers, 2015).   It’s very interesting to think that only in a couple years ArtPrize can be full of artwork purely made from technology, just like at the art exhibit in London this year.

A second prediction I have for the future of ArtPrize is wearable technology. Imagine walking around Grand Rapids, the year is 2020, and you happen to stop by an artwork that happens to be giving away free wristbands that lets you check into a social media website regarding at what art piece you are at. According to Matthew (no last name given) (2014), many electronic companies are hopping on the wearable technology trend including Sony, who plans on making a wearable device that just doesn’t log physical movement, but also lifestyle information. If Sony can make a wearable device then I’m sure no company will have trouble making a wristband that logs one into a social media site by ArtPrize 2020.

Thirdly, the last prediction I have for the future technology of ArtPrize is a social media like app that includes a virtual tour mixed with real time. The best way I can describe this future app, that doesn’t exist yet, is; envision opening up this fancy app and suddenly you’re going through a virtual tour through ArtPrize in downtown Grand Rapids. As you pass each artwork you are also getting real time information. For example, as you stand at a piece of artwork you are getting updates from the audience, who are also at that specific location. Along with the real time information about the artwork, advertisements that relate to that specific artwork will be present while the app is running. According to O’Connor (2015), “real-time marketing is becoming increasingly popular on social media… for example during Superbowl XLVII there happened to be a power outage and as viewers flocked to social media to talk what happened quick thinking brand Oreo released a tweet that gained the company countless press mentions and more than 525 million earned impressions.” Including advertising into this future app will not only help the app create revenue, but will also create a new beginning for advertisement during ArtPrize.

Overall, the predictions I have for the future of ArtPrize include: artwork completely made from technology, wearable devices that lets one check into a social media website telling what art piece they’re at, and an app that includes a virtual tour of the event and real time. If any of these predictions comes true, it was documented here that I was the first to come up with these ideas and I expect a partial share in the profit.


Matthew. (Jan. 9, 2014). Predictions for the Future of Wearable Tech and Social Media Integration. Retrieved from             http://blog.rgbsocial.com/2014/01/09/7-predictions-of-the-future-of-wearable-tech-and-social-media-integration/

O’Connor, Padraig. (Aug. 5, 2015). Does Real-Time Marketing Work on Social Media? Retrieved from http://socialmediaweek.org/blog/2015/08/real-time-marketing/

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